1L Ultramax® DTG Pre-Treatment for light and dark textiles | Made in EU

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Ultramax ® DTG PRE-TREATMENT for light and dark textiles

Product description

Our Ultramax® Pre Treatment is a top product and is manufactured in the European Union.
The water-based liquids are available for light and dark fabrics and are perfectly matched to our Ultramax® DTG textile inks. They are suitable for both machine and manual processing and are suitable for all textile direct printers, such as Epson SureColor F2000/2100, Polyprint, TexJet and many others.


1. Fill your automatic pretreatment machine or spray gun with our pretreatment. Dilute the liquid if necessary.

2. Apply the pre-coating evenly to the fabric (light fabrics require less pre-treatment than dark fabrics).

3. Set the temperature of your heating press to approx. 160°C.

4. Cover the fabric with, for example, a Teflon mat or parchment paper and press the coated fabric with light pressure for about 20 seconds.
If the fabric is still wet after pressing, continue hot pressing in 10 second intervals until completely dry.

5. Your textile is then pre-treated and can be printed.

Tips & Tricks

1. If you apply too much of the pre-treatment liquid to the textile, this can have a negative effect on the washing result (peeling, cracking, etc.).
If the pre-coating is not sufficient, the print quality can suffer.

2. Each brand of T-shirt and the color of the textile influence the pretreatment required.
That's why your own tests are essential.

3. When spraying manually, the optimal distance between the T-shirt and the spray gun is 10-20cm. Spray continuously from top to bottom and then again from left to right. Avoid any "dwelling" of the spray gun to prevent the pretreatment fluid from being applied unevenly.

4. After printing, press the fabric using light to medium pressure so that the moisture can escape as the pretreatment hardens.

5. Be sure to cover the print with a silicone/or coated parchment paper to protect the heating plate from direct contact with the T-shirt.
Always carry out your own tests to optimize the processing process!

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