Sublimation pen set, 6 colors

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Sublimation pen set, 6 colors

Product details

  • With the sublimation pens you can transfer hand-drawn images onto textiles, cups, glass, metal and many other products suitable for sublimation
  • The transferred image is fade-resistant, waterproof, durable and resistant to scratches and oxidation
  • The set contains the colors blue, yellow, green, black, red and orange


  1. Draw your design on plain copy paper.
  2. Place the painted paper, with the motif on the bottom, on your substrate.
  3. Press both in a transfer press.
  4. After the pressing process, the printing material can be removed and the paper removed. Complete!

Tips and hints

  • You can use a normal pen (e.g. pencil) to sketch
  • Please note that the final image is mirrored by the transfer, so text should also be drawn mirrored so that it is reproduced correctly after the transfer
  • Textiles can be painted directly with the pens, but should be pressed afterwards so that the picture lasts longer
  • Can be used directly on textiles made of polyester, polyamide, PU, ​​PP, PET, PVC, etc.

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