Sublitextile, plottable fabric for sublimable patch labels

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Sublitextile - plottable polyester fabric for sublimation on cotton

Under the name Sublitextile we offer five different polyester fabrics on a carrier film that can be printed using the sublimation process. The fabric can then be plotted or further processed with scissors. In a further step, the image motif is transferred to the printing material. The special thing is that almost all types of fabric are suitable for this, including cotton. It doesn't matter whether the tissue is white, light or dark.

  • Sublitextile polyester fabric on carrier film in A4 format (rolled goods on request)
  • Suitable for printing colored, dark and light textiles made of cotton, polyester and blended fabrics using the sublimation process
  • Can be processed using a plotter (e.g. Cricut or Silhouette) or with scissors
  • Available in the following variations:
    Elastic: Smooth, slightly elastic fabric
    Satin Pearl:
    Smooth surface with a slight pearlescent effect
    Rough Pearl: Similar to Satin Pearl, but with a stronger pearlescent effect
    Short Velvet:
    Velvety surface with a short thread pile
  • Sample pack of 4 sheets available with one sheet of each variant

Application with scissors

  1. Print your desired motif (mirrored) on sublimation paper.
  2. Transfer the print to the Sublitextile at 200°C and 20 seconds. DO NOT peel off the paper backing of the Sublitextile, otherwise the adhesive may contaminate the heat press. We also recommend covering the material on both sides with thermal paper.
  3. After the transfer, the sublitextile can be cut. To do this, carefully cut along the contours of your motif with the scissors.
  4. The paper backing can then be removed and the Sublitextile can be transferred to your textile at 165°C-200°C and 10 seconds.

Application with plotter

  1. Print your desired motif (mirrored) on sublimation paper.
  2. Place the Sublitextile on a cutting mat before putting it in the plotter and then cut it to the desired shape.
  3. The paper backing can then be removed and the sublitextile, at 200°C-210°C and 5-10 seconds, transferred to your textile.
  4. After the Sublitextile has been applied to your textile, the sublimation paper can be carefully placed with the printed side on the Sublitextile.
  5. Now press both together at approx. 200°C for 40 seconds. Complete!
Please note that Sublitextile Elastic and Long Velvet are not suitable for plotting!

Plotter parameters

material thickness Knife length Pressure speed
Rough Pearlescent 0.17mm 2 200 200-500
Satin Pearlescent 0.19mm 2 200 200-500
Short velvet 0.38mm 4 200-250 200-500
Long Velvet 0.5mm - - -
Elastic 0.61mm - - -

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